Touching the electricity fence, again and again

3p Mar 12, 2023

We are doing it all the time!

Saying yes, when it's a no.

Helping out, when the capacity is low.

Skipping lunch for the third day in a row.


Same thing happens again and again;

A friendly charge of electricity from the fence, or ten

But are we aware?

Is there anybody there?


Do you realize how it feels to go back in past stories?

Think of one! Feel it?

Recalling the glories?

Think of one! Feel it?

Making up futures in the now

messing it up, 

or milking a cow?

Singing the same song in that same way

expecting it to sound different from the monitor today?


If I’m afraid in the now about a future event

I sense my taste of a past experience.

Wanting the circumstance to change

within a certain range

to feel more safe and comfortable.

End up feeling stuck, not brave and capable.


I can remember how it all works out

Inside out without a doubt

The reality I feel inside;

feeling of powerless, 




It's like all boats are going down with the tide.


It creates the outside world of perception.

In truth it's all perfection.

Makes me experience lost in myself,

like being on the wrong shelf, 

shocked about other people's behavior, 

or that life is the wrong flavor,

not welcome and excluded,

reasons to hide and be diluted.

Dimming the light

losing self power out of sight.


The hopeful thing that comes to me,

making me feel powerful and free,

is that when reality change within

I feel and perceive a new world,

new life

new skin.

Earth is like a new place,

and what i used to face

is no more there.

Even if I don't fix or care.

Instead I am divinely great and brave

The whole ocean in one uniquely moving wave.


Skrevet av Maiken Sneeggen 21. februar 2022



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